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Research Faculty

Kaye Reed
IHO Research Associate and President's Professor

Reed's research uses community ecology of primates and mammals to understand biogeography, community structure, and the habitats of fossil hominins.

Curtis Marean
Associate Director and Foundation Professor

Marean’s research interests focus on the origins of modern humans, the prehistory of Africa, the study of animal bones from archaeological sites and climates and environments of the past.

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Robert Boyd
IHO Research Affiliate and Origins Professor

Boyd is one of the world's leading minds on cultural evolution. He studies the mechanisms that produce human culture and how they interact with population dynamic processes to shape cultural variation.

Kim Hill
IHO Research Associate and Professor

Hill began his education in molecular genetics but switched to evolutionary anthropology in 1980. He has held faculty positions at Emory University, University of Michigan, University of New Mexico, and A.S.U

Joan Silk
IHO Research Affiliate and Professor

Silk moved to ASU in 2012, from UCLA. She is interested in how natural selection shapes the evolution of social behavior in primates.

Anne Stone
IHO Research Affiliate and Professor

Stone's specialization and main area of interest is anthropological genetics. Her current research focuses on population history and understanding how humans and the great apes have adapted to their environments.

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Christopher Campisano
IHO Research Associate and Associate Professor

Campisano researches the environmental context of hominid evolution and is especially interested in characterizing ancient landscapes and their change across space and time.

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Ian Gilby
IHO Research Affiliate and Associate Professor

Gilby studies wild chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. His research focuses on cooperative hunting, meat sharing and male dominance strategies, and informs our understanding of the behavior of early hominins.

Kevin Langergraber
IHO Research Affiliate and Associate Professor

Langergraber studies the behavior and genetics of wild chimpanzees.

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Gary Schwartz
IHO Research Associate and Associate Professor

Schwartz is interested in the evolutionary history of primate and human growth, development, and life history as evidenced in fossilized tissues, in particular developing teeth.

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Sarah Mathew
IHO Research Affiliate and Assistant Professor

Mathew is an evolutionary anthropologist studying the origins of human cooperation and warfare. She conducts field research among Turkana pastoralists in Kenya.

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Thomas Morgan
IHO Research Affiliate and Assistant Professor

Morgan's background concerns the evolution of animal social behavior and cognition. He received his doctorate from the University of St Andrews and then worked as a postdoc at UC Berkeley before joining ASU in 2016.

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Charles Perreault
IHO Research Affiliate and Assistant Professor

Perreault's research focuses on the intersection of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology.

Office: SHESC 362
Kathryn Ranhorn
Research Associate and Assistant Professor

Ranhorn studies the Middle and Late Pleistocene archaeological record of Africa, with an emphasis on community archaeology, heritage management and digital archaeology.

Melissa Wilson
IHO Research Affiliate and Assistant Professor

Wilson is a computational evolutionary biologist studying sex-biased processes including human and non-human health and disease.

William Kimbel
Director and Virginia M. Ullman Professor of Natural History and the Environment

Kimbel is director of the Institute of Human Origins. He conducts field, laboratory and theoretical research in paleoanthropology, with a primary focus on Plio-Pleistocene hominid evolution in Africa.

Donald Johanson
Founding Director and Virginia M Ullman Chair in Human Origins

Johanson is the Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins. He has written, among other books, the widely read "Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind" (with Maitland Edey), 1991.

Erich Fisher
Assistant Research Scientist

Fisher is a Research Scientist at in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. He is interested in the origins of modern humans and archival methodologies for archaeological sites.